by Vallee

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All the songs featured on Vices, stem from different forms of addiction, from love and happiness, to drugs, alcohol and sex. “We’ve done a lot of growing over the past few years, and been through a multitude of personal challenges,” says Brendan, “at some point, that stuff filters through into our song writing.” “We both relate to these songs differently, and even our older songs; the meanings have changed for me now,” says Michael, “I hope people interact with these songs on a personal level and connect with them in their own ways.”


released June 4, 2016

Vallee are Brendan Aked, Michael Keirs and Jonathan Ong
Produced, engineered and mastered by Beau Mckee at Oaklands Studios, Melbourne
Guest Vocals on Heroine and Jungle by Amanda Norman
Additional percussion and synthesizer by Beau Mckee
Artwork by Tommy Hluchanic
Thank you for listening :)



all rights reserved


Vallee Melbourne, Australia

Vallee are high energy, infectious Indie rock from Melbourne.

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Track Name: Heroine
If i'm in a room with you and you're in a room with me
I feel connected to your heart almost so that I can't see
Even though I should just walk away, something pulls me back in to stay
To even touch her skin, it felt like a sin
Nothing right could feel this good, don't waste your time on me
She said, no matter how hard we'd try, it took an hour just to say goodbye
You are my heroine and I am your heroin
When it came to loving you it was too easy to do
Sit on my bed and talk for hours, I know you miss it too
A single kiss could burn our houses down, there's two bodies but theres just one soul
Seep into my system, like a poison in my blood
You're the sunshine in my winter, like a fire in the dark
Track Name: Yeah
When I first saw you from across the room
I guess that was the first moment of your impending doom
You didn’t know it yet but I was watching you move
I was a couple of deep by then, I had a couple of friends by then
That were edging me on to say, what I couldn’t say back then I’m gonna say it today
I wish you would come home with me tonight
Then we sing like, yeah
Now you’re sitting out the front with your high heels off
On the gutter waiting for the taxi to come
But I called ahead and told it not to love
Cause you’re far too drunk to go alone
And I’m far too stoned to let you go from here
And I wish you would come home
Track Name: Jungle
I need you like the river needs the mountain tops to get started
I need you in front of me, I need you here just to breathe
I need you just to fill my needs
And I know you, like you know me
And I must have loved you in a previous life to this
And I know that I'll love you more
And all your fingertips they run down my neck
I cannot be anywhere else, would not be anywhere else
But here with you all day and night
I woke up in a mess today
Time froze when I met you and I'm amazed every single day
We don't have forever so let's just make this count
Cause you want to know for sure
And you must have loved me in a previous life to this
And I know that you'll love me more
Track Name: Get Up Get Out
It seems like all the years since I met you
I’ve been trying my best just to find my way back to you
And if you’d just get up then we could just get out
We’d take my car on to the highway I’d take you anywhere
And as we drive along you’re taking pictures of
All the signs you see that lead you right back to me
And as we stop for gas off of the highway
I look over and realize you’re not speaking to me
Get out of your room to watch the morning come
Track Name: Radio
I’m not here though you all can see me
A ghost an apparition like no one would want me
And the rain is coming
And I don’t mind waiting for it
Cause I’m on my here
In the days of the radio she said
You better wipe that smile girl
Cause we all see through it
I’ll give you one last chance to argue
And then I’ll leave you here for good
In the days of the radio
We sing songs in stereo
Track Name: Spin
And I don’t know what it is that I’ve been looking for
But I just know that I want to look some more
And as far as I can see it’s getting worse for me
And I can’t see anyway out
And for all of your honesty you’ve allowed me to see
Can I ask you what’s the point of breathing all this air in
If you ain’t gonna use your voice
We got all the time in the world just to make it work right
And you can’t make a simple choice
And the world won’t stop spinning if you don’t get to work on time
And the world won’t stop spinning for you
Cause the world didn’t stop spinning for me
So you wake up in the morning and get yourself to work
Come home and do it all again
Spend hours just to make ends meet
But the man gets to you in the end
And I know that you’re older now than you’ve ever been before
Yeah I know that we can do it if we just put our minds to it
I know that we can get it done right
Cause I’ve done this all before and I’ll do it all some more
For some love at the end of the night
Cause it’s you and it always will be you
If we believe then maybe we could see
That the world in front of you
Is the world in front of me
Track Name: Cuba
And if it smells like summer and tastes like rain
You know this tiny little island’s gonna drive you insane
From Santiago to Nuevitas bay
She puts her tiny hand into the water and pulls it out
Says that it’s warm enough to jump right in
Forget the west and let’s begin
I tell you once I wanna live in Cuba
We took a 54’ down to the malecon and spark it up
Cuba libre’s filling my veins they’re going to my head now
She grabs my hand as she starts to say
I’ve lived in Santa Fe, I’ve been to Tokyo
And when I’m coming back, you know I never known
Forget the west and let’s begin
When I walk these streets with you
Santa Clara to Trinidad wanna be with you girl in Cuba
Never miss a beat when I’m with you
In your heart you feel it too
Wanna live with you girl in Cuba